Metabolic Therapy / Press Pulse Therapy


What is Metabolic Therapy?

Cancer cells need sugar and glutamine for replication. Metabolic therapy involves using a strict ketogenic diet and a group of drugs called metabolic inhibitors. These metabolic inhibitors interrupt the production of energy in the cancer cells rendering them more sensitive to other cancer fighting approaches. As cancer has special metabolic needs — namely its high sugar and glutamine dependence  — these needs can be used against the cancer cells by using special metabolic inhibitors and diet.

Treatments to help weaken the cancer cells’ resistance ability and capacity to spread by inhibiting cancer cells’ energy production.

Certain types of cancers develop from being exposed to toxins such as food additives, preservatives, pesticides, and industrial pollution. The removal of these toxins through dietary and detoxification regimens allows the body to fight the cancer and heal naturally — which is what metabolic therapy entails.

Metabolic Cancer Treatment

Metabolic cancer therapy removes harmful substances from the body through a combination of special and restricted diets, nutritional supplements, and other lifestyle changes. When implemented correctly, this treatment strengthens the body’s resistance to illness and disease, thereby slowing or stopping the development and progression of cancer. The dietary changes in question are based on consuming whole foods (i.e. natural and unprocessed foods) .


How Metabolic Cancer Therapy Works

Like normal cells, cancer cells need energy to grow and multiply. This energy is mostly derived from glucose (sugar found in the blood) and glutamine. However, unlike normal cells, cancer cells use 200 times more sugar to fuel their growth.

For a long time, it was believed that this was simply a distinct feature of cancer cells. But new insights into how cancer cells make energy have led to novel treatments that are more effective and less toxic than traditional cancer therapies.

In particular, metabolic therapy involves following special diets and using a group of drugs called metabolic inhibitors to control cancers fuel sources. These inhibitors interrupt the production of energy in cancer cells, thereby making the tumors weaker and much more sensitive to other cancer treatments.


Some types of Metabolic Therapy:

  • Restricted Ketogenic Diet & The Press / Pulse Therapy
  • We use the restricted ketogenic diet (RKD) in a modified technique and monitoring, to ensure safety and minimize loss of muscle mass. The diet can significantly lower the energy levels of the cancer cells, as well as eradicating them slowly. When Glucose gets depleted by the RKD, ketone bodies become a non-available energy source for the cancer cells, but yet for the healthy cells. During this valuable Ketosis state of the body, is when the window of application for the Glutamine inhibitors  and HBOT sessions would apply, to simultaneously kill more cancer cells, effectively. Furthermore, it can potentially play a huge role in frailty prevention which is often experienced by cancer patients.
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)
  • Cancer growth and many cancer features are driven by a lack of oxygen in the body. Therefore, exposure to hyperbaric oxygen, particularly when in a Ketosis state, can reverse many hallmarks of cancer. Furthermore, HBOT has the ability to directly kill cancer cells and also potentiates other types of cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, laser, hyperthermia, and immunotherapy, and contributes to the patient’s quality of life by reducing cancer-related fatigue.

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